Richard Baxter Richard Baxter (1615 - 1691)
I take the love of God and self-denial to be the sum of all saving grace and religion.
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Colson, Charles W.
Book title
Book Details
Paperback: 306 pages
Subtitle: N/A
Publisher: Fleming H. Revell
Category: Autobiography
Edition: N/A
Publish Date: 1981
ISBN: 9780800750596
Dewey Decimal Classification: N/A
Reference No: C-00227
"This is the story of Charles Colson, a former presidential aide who when he was released from prison in 1975, pioneered a ministry to prison inmates and campaigned for prison reform. It is a narrative of danger, conflict and hard choices in which Colson's motives are queried and his faith scorned. Against official suspicion and hostility of some inmates he developed a controversial prison outreach on both sides of the Atlantic. The author also wrote "Born Again", "Loving God", "Who Speaks for God", "Kingdoms in Conflict". "Charles Colson has given us a significant new book on the meaning of Christian growth and maturity". Billy Graham "Life Sentence is challenging and prophetic,, a message of justice for the afflicted and compassion for the powerless". John Perkins, president, Voice of Calvary Ministires"